Who we are

Accuracy, transparency, competitiveness, innovation, collaboration

The De Simone Agricultural Company was founded in Campania, in the town of Francolise where, at the very beginning of the sixties, it established itself as a small family business with origins and passions passed from father to son.
In 2010, thanks to the dedication of the 3 sons Lorenzo, Paolo and Massimo it becomes a fully fledged Agricultural Company.

De Simone remains engaged in the production of fruit and vegetables to this day.
We at the De Simone Agricultural Company work with passion and professionalism in all phases of production, including cultivation, washing and packaging, in order to ensure our customers receive safe, genuine, top quality products.

In our 120 hectares of soil, of which 50 covered by greenhouses, we are engaged in the cultivation of radishes, watermelons, mini−watermelons and broad beans.
We plan year−round harvests, in order to satisfy the demand of our products at any given moment, guaranteeing punctuality to our customers.

We comply with all CE standards and regulations, exporting our products all over Europe. On a monthly basis samples of our harvest undergo chemical analysis to ensure its quality and safety.

Starting from our father's expertise, through our land, all the way to your table.

Our reference markets

Austria Austria

France France

Poland Poland

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Germany Germany

Czech Republic Czech Republic



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